Gift from a butterfly… 

As one grows up, they drift away from their world of imagination, colourful and innocent and joyous, to the real world, colourless and fake harsh… They dont even realise what they have lost until there is a forced encounter with that long forgotten days of their childhood… That is when they realise they’d give up anything to get back those days… Thats when they realise what true happiness felt like…. 

For me it was my 6 year old niece who took me back to my childhood… After spending a full afternoon painting and playing… And getting a pretty painting as a gift from her…. Some of the best gifts anyone can get and wish for I guess… A hundred memories flash by in fast forward… How soon my childhood flew by… And how lucky I am to have you in my life… My little butterfly…. 

Remember to say ‘Thank you’

It is important to thank the people we come across in life because everyone of them contribute to making us what we are..

Thank your family for always being there..taking care of you and being your teacher and friend..

Thank your teachers who made you capable of whatever you do now..from simple things to reading and talking to shaping up your thoughts and opinions.. 

Thank your friends who know you in and out and even if you dont talk to often, they are part of everything important to you..never judging you and always looking out for you..

And last but most importantly, thank those people who have jolted you back to reality whenever you were becoming too comfortable in your own little world…they are the motivation without which you would have never have moved out of your comfort zone…they are the milestones in your journey…the milestones that you stumble over and think you have reached your destination…the milestones who eventually show you the way you were always looking for unknowingly…even though it hurts you and shatters your dreams…they are the ones who leave you at the time you need them the most and in doing so, they taught you to be independent…they are the ones who cheat you and in doing so, teach you to never trust anyone more than yourself…they are the ones who break you and destroy you and in doing so, helps you understand who you are…

Some things never change

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From getting up at 4.00 am to listen to ‘Mahishasuramardini’ on Youtube, getting dressed up for ethnic day at office, the sweet smell of ‘shiuli ful’ (night blooming jasmine) as you enter the cab, a field with ‘kaash ful’ (kans grass) visible from your office window…all assuring you that even in a world full of uncertainties and where the only thing constant is that everything will change, some things will always find a way to stay back and never change….

I had written this post at a social networking site and thought of sharing it here as well. I had written it on the day of ‘Mahalaya’ which marks the onset of one the most awaited and beloved festival of India. While in Bengal it is known as ‘Durga puja’, it is called ‘Navaratra’ in northern parts of India. Celebrated under different names in different parts of India, it is not just a religious has a huge social significance. People from all religions and regions, India and abroad, come together to celebrate this festival of joy, togetherness and hope.

An unexpected encounter

I will smile today. 

I broke up with my fiancee a couple of months ago. Since then I had not smiled. I didnt find anything to smile and be happy about. So today I had decided that no matter what, I will find a reason to smile.

So I picked a new dress and got ready for work. A new dress always works wonders but the effect didnt last long.

As soon as I started to book a cab for office, my long trusted cab booking app started having some strange issue and wouldnt let me book the cab! There goes my resolution for the day, I scold myself.

Reluctantly, I took a cab from a different service provider which I never liked since they always came late whenever I had tried booking their cab. Nothing new today. My cab arrived finally after what felt like an eternity of waiting.

I got on the cab and since it was a shared ride, we went to pick our fellow rider. It was close by only but I was so angry that my resolution was not going well that I didnt notice when the rider took the only empty seat in the cab next to me.

When I noticed my co-rider, I recognised him from a couple of my earlier cab rides with my trusted cab provider that betrayed me today. Seeing him in this cab made me feel that he also might have faced the same issue and thats why he took this cab provider. 

And because I wanted to vent out my anger on the cab provider for spoiling my resolution, I did something I had never done before-I talked to my co-rider!

I asked him if he also faced the same issue and he said no. He had taken the cab by choice. I was disappointed. Why did this have to happen today?

And as I was lost in my thoughts, he started chatting…asking questions, I also participated. We talked about a lot of things ..chit chat only but it was fun and I didnt even mind when the cab took a longer route.

Finally we arrived at my co-riders destination and he got off. Just before getting off, we got each others a friendly gesture.

I went to my office after that and had a normal day at work. 

In the evening while returning from work, I thought about the unexpected way the morning started. It was then that my phone lit up with a new friends request on facebook-my cab friend!

And I smiled.

Afterall, if you want something truly, the whole universe helps you to have it. I wanted to smile. I did smile today….

New beginnings

First things first…this is the first post of my very first blog.

But who am I? Imagine a person who loves to read, travel, eat, think and dream. That person also loves to feel – happiness and sorrow, love and hate, hope and despair. Add  some confusion and mistakes along with a bit of pride and confidence to it. I am that person. A lot like you but still different from you…

But why do I write? I write to capture some moments and thoughts…small simple ones that together makes me who I am…